Edificio de La Casa de la Moneda

A letter from the President

It is with great pride that we can say we are present in every moment of our fellow Argentines' lives: notes and coins, university degrees, voting rolls, property deeds, IDs and fiscal stamps, and digitalized files. All our products are indispensable for the country's economic activity and for the proper functioning of the State's Administration.

It is almost three years ago that we took charge of S. E. Casa de Moneda, with the firm purpose of transforming it into a key agency for the development of our country. Today, having accomplished most of our goals, and proud of having restored this centennial institution, we present our Management Report. In it, we record our work and achievements, but especially we lay out a plan for what lays ahead. Our purpose is to execute the State policies, and to keep helping the consolidation of this National and Popular project.
Today we have a staff of over 1500 workers who, from our two plants strive daily to make our land ever more sovereign, fair, and free. To look into the experience of these almost three years of work helps us to work harder in our mid-term and long-term projects.

Last year, and in fulfillment of one of our reasons for existing, we developed the new 100-peso note, which is not only a historical vindication of Eva Perón, but also represents the result of our restoration of Casa de Moneda and the know-how our workers boast. The international recognition garnered by the new note is an apt finale for an unprecedented process of restoration. Casa de Moneda hadn't completely produced a new note for sixty years. By "completely" we mean from its design to its shipment to the Argentine Central Bank.

Today we can proudly say that we are the custodians of the sovereign mandate of 1813, and that in each of our products we produce present to forge the future of all Argentines. Little by little we have recovered products that had been lost at the hands of private companies during previous administrations, and we are constantly working in the development of new products and services, always bearing in mind that our goal is to print valuables for our Great Latin American Land. We recently opened the region's state-of-the-art Variable Data Printing Center, where we process over 80 million images in 30 days, which allowed us to print the country's voting rolls.
Thanks to the implementation of equipment, software, and innovative procedures we were able to significantly reduce our ecological footprint. A clear example is the saving of over 90 tons of paper in the process of printing the voting rolls.

While our commercial and development teams work constantly to generate more and better products and catering for the needs of both public and private sectors, our Production and Quality areas focus all their attention in each of the manufacturing processes, decreasing defects by multiple controls and trials carried out at every stage of the production line. The quality system of the most important production lines is has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

S. E. Casa de Moneda brings to the manufacturing of each product the centennial experience of its know-how, the guarantee of an institution with stringent quality and security controls, the constant commitment of collaborating with the public and private sectors, and a watchful eye in the future and the development of new technologies. This is all to offer maximum quality of each solution in their specific field of action.

We can say today that when will triumphs over reason there are exceptional changes, and so we have today a National Mint in constant renovation, and showing with work that there is nothing better than the State working for the State.

We are a State company dedicated to security printing, based on management processes and the national and international norms to which we adhere: ISO 9001:2008. As a security press we offer our clients specific products which combine the highest standards of design, quality, and security.

We produce legal tender notes and coins, manufacture valued species, instruments of control, and security documents. We also develop software and digitalization processes. We provide graphic solutions to the National State, provinces, municipalities, the private sector and public agencies, be they national or foreign.

The quality and excellence of our work in banknotes, replicated in each of our products and services, has brought us the recognition of the international graphic industry.

Training our staff is one of the most important management policies. Our permanent drive for excellence and achievement brings about the professional development of our staff, who build and expand on the knowledge garnered along 138 years. Their commitment and bond with the Mint are directly linked with the high degree of professionalism and confidentiality their job entails.

Our strategy of permanent improvement allows us to consolidate Casa de Moneda as an industry leader in Argentina and Latin America's security printing sector, which we do through the manufacturing of valued products done with efficiency, creativity, and innovation. The technological innovation that is the hallmark of the Ceca's management, together with our workers' know-how, allows us to offer the highest standards of security, quality, and reliability.

With our role as a State company and public service, we strive to make a contribution to better administration.

Based in management processes and the national and international standards we adhere to: ISO 9001:2008.

Our strength is what sets us apart when manufacturing specific products and valued species.

Commitment to being honorable, responsible, and efficient in our work; focus on excellence.

Of data, technology, and processes.

Improvement and innovation
Our policy of constant improvement enhances our capacity of creating value.

It is inherent to the security of valued goods.

Process traceability
Geared towards the satisfaction of standards required by the client.

For our staff and our professional technical assets.

To our assets and documents, as part of the Nation's cultural heritage.

Lic. Marcelo Javier Pose

Ing. José Luis Lacoste

Sr. Raúl Manuel Lissarrague

Secretario General
Cdor. Fernando Pereyro

Auditor Interno Interino
Ing. Ricardo Iglesias

COORDINADOR DE COMPRAS, Tecnología y servicios Centrales
Dino Petruzzelli

Diego Osvaldo Oller

Lic. Guillermo Lerario

Dr. León Javier Grinspun

Cdora. Mónica Canalini

Ing. Raúl Lacaze

Lic. Javier Araujo

Lic. Bieniaszewski Ezequiel

Hugo Daniel Pérez

Control de Calidad
Ing. Adolfo Macías

Planificación y Control
Ing. Carlos Enrique Saliva

Fabricación de Billetes
Ricardo Rodolfo Massouh

Habilitación y Terminación de Billetes

Moneda Metálica
Andrés Omar Collazo

Gráfica General
Martín Aldo De Carli

Recursos Humanos
Lic. Daniel Oscar Martínez

Síndico Titular
Cdor. Ramon Salgado