S.E. Casa de Moneda: Excellence and security in all its products and services

141 years of history, and the whole future ahead.

This September 29th, S. E.  Casa de Moneda celebrates its 139th anniversary. Opened shortly thereafter by engineer Eduardo Castilla, the Ceca’s first activity was the issuing of metallic coins. Since then, the mix of art and technology has been the hallmark of each of its products and services, tailor made to cater to our clients’ needs.

In 1805 we started coining metallic currency, and medals three years later. Then we started printing postage stamps and then banknotes. Along the way, our Mint has always strived to achieve excellence, train its staff, and acquire the most modern technologies.

Thanks to its policy of investment, S. E. Casa de Moneda recovered its productive capacity, and in 2012 it produced the 100-peso banknote “Eva Perón, an instant towards eternity” in its entirety. This note was recognized as Regional Banknote of the Year at the Second Latin American Conference of High Security Printing.

Our Mint has become one of the leaders in security printing in Latin America, with projects such as the printing of the voting rolls in 2013 and the reopening of the Variable Data Printing Center (one of the most modern in the region). We have the capability to offer services with the highest standards of quality both to the public and the private sector.

The transformations and improvements in productive processes, the acquisition of technology, and the training of its staff make the Mint a public company with a great history that looks into the future with a stronger commitment to creating a stronger and more effective State every day.loguito