A daily, sovereign homage to the Malvinas islands.

Argentina will have a new 50-peso note

During Memorial Day (remembrance of veterans and the fallen in Malvinas’ war) President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner instructed the National Mind and Argentina’s Central Bank to start the production and circulation of a new design for the 50-peso note.

The Malvinas Argentina’s yard in the Pink House was the stage where for the first time, the sketch of the new note was unveiled. On its back the central image is a map of the South Cone and of the Malvinas Islands, as well as the South Sandwich and South Georgias Islands, and the neighboring Southern Atlantic Ocean.  The Sargasso, typical sea flora of our continental platform; and the cormorant, which goes from Patagonia to Malvinas in his daily route. There are also sea lions, penguins and whales, which celebrate life in a seemingly inhospitable environment under the glow of the Sun of May, the symbol of a Nation that builds from the past and into the future. The map of Latin America and the Caribbean reminds us that this is a regional Latin American cause, supported by all our brothers in the Greater Motherland. This is a cause that strives for the independence and sovereignty of our peoples, and against colonialism since the times of San Martín, Bolívar, Artigas, and all our heroes.

In the back the main figure is Gaucho Antonio Rivero, the first patriot who defended our National Sovereignty in Malvinas in 1833, who rides upright holding our flag over the Malvinas geography. The Darwin Cemetery and the ARA General Belgrano Cruiser, merged with a bed of Malvinas flowers, complete the homage to our fallen heroes. The National Coat of Arms is a reminder of our sovereign right over the claimed lands.

The  Malvinas seagull, a symbol of peace and life, completes the homage to all those who, through 182 years, dedicated their lives to the recovery of our rights over the Malvinas Islands knowing that only peace will make us brothers and give us rightful sovereignty.

Lastly, the lighthouse, a guide and source of light that shows the way, is an image that appears on both sides of the note.  The chosen color palette, in blue and light blue tones, evokes our national flag, which flies in every corner of our land and aches to do so over our dear Southern Pearl.

The new note will start circulation in six months and its main goal is to use something as naturally sovereign as our national currency to constitute a peaceful claim. It will speak to all Argentines on a daily basis, and keep the little flame burning with love for that piece of land that we still claim from the pier of our convictions. “Because the Government does not get tough, the Government does not yield, does not budge: wherever it goes, the Malvinas are Argentine here and in all the world.” said President Néstor Kirchner in a speech in 2006.

To recognize our currency is to ennoble our Motherland.