Variable Data Printing Center

The equipment in our Mint have positioned it as the most advanced center for variable data printing in Latin America. It is equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to print great volumes of data in color and black and white. We also provide complete processing services for great volumes of data, client segmentation data mining, development of applications for the traceability of products through printing.

Moreover, the Mint has a specific department of Research and Development of new projects, in order to offer our clients proposals specifically customized to their needs and demands.

Digital Printing Solutions

We use a unified platform to manage the workflow of the different digital presses, as well as the design and development of solutions that are simultaneously operating with multiple databases.

We have our own departments of Research and Development, Design, Engraving, Systems Development, and Digital Production. This allows us to provide a wide range of services and products with the highest standards of quality and security. We also have software to process data in these formats: SMS, HTML, and PDF.


Personalized publication processing and printing.

Voting rolls.

Lottery tickets and chance games.

Security forms.

Security Certificates.

Control and oversight items.

Electronic tickets.